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Amy Babish

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Amy Babish is a somatic psychotherapist, intuitive healer, Brené Brown Daring Way™ Certified Consultant, and women’s circle leader and guide. Amy works with women who work in high-powered jobs like diplomacy, media, entertainment, government, finance, healing spaces, and private organizations, create a long-lasting, meaningful personal transformation.

Amy was referred to me because she was launching a new group program and wanted an new brand before she announced the new offering to her clients. Her old site had served her needs, but she wanted a website that connected with her ideal clients and showcased her energetic and inclusive personality.


Amy has been working with an AMAZING creative copywriter, Licia Morelli who wrote the new website copy as well as a long form sales page for the new group program. Licia suggested that Amy contact me for the design & layout of her new website. I felt so lucky to be designing a site with strategic copy AND professional brand photos of the client. Amy realized that having a team of professionals to create her new online home was what was going to make all the difference for the launch of her program.

Amy really wanted a modern black and white website with some touches of gold. I chose a muted gold that didn’t overwhelm the modern look. This style is carried throughout the site as well as the sales page for the women’s circle, and the free download lead magnet PDF. There are plenty of customizations on this site from the use of the logo script font to a custom coded FAQ drop downs accordion menu.

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The result is an clean but richly textured site that is aligned with Amy’s personality and vibe. This new online home for Amy’s practice and group programs is a place where she can confidently share her message with her clients. The new brand and website coincided with the launch of Amy’s Women’s Circle which were very well received by Amy’s audience.

Amy Babish somatic healer and therapist

This is more than I could have dreamed of! Thank you for seeing me and translating me so magnificently into my website. I’m tearing up with such extreme gratitude for this whole process with you! The website is amazing! I am filled with incredible gratitude for you and your gifts.


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