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Laura Thompson Brady is Spiritual Teacher & Sound Healer who helps women channel their creative joy so they can create new legacies of connection, freedom, and soul-stirring adventure for their families, communities, and our collective good. I have worked with Laura in the past branding her online course Journey Home To You. Laura contacted me because her current WordPress website, where she hosts her current members area and course, had not been maintained in some time and was at risk of being permanently deleted. She decided she wanted a fresh start on a new, easy to use platform.


Laura’s previous members area was a long scrolling password protected page on her WordPress website. It worked for her students, yet didn’t align with the beautiful design that her course materials and welcome package had. It wasn’t easy to navigate and just felt like an afterthought. I wanted to create an online experience for Laura’s students that truly reflected the important work they were committed to. Something that highlighted her brand but was clean and easy to navigate.


With Laura’s brand already established for this particular course, I went to work incorporating the color palette and graphic elements to the member’s dashboard as well as each course module. I ensured that Laura’s branding shined through on each page, while making sure that the course is intuitive and easy to maneuver.

I added extensive custom elements to this membership site, including a split screen course dashboard, a custom mobile responsive menu, custom font installation, and branded video preview thumbnails.


The result is an intuitive, yet beautiful online environment for Laura’s course students that is a unique reflection of her teachings. Laura doesn’t have to worry about keeping up with the maintenance and security of her site, Squarespace takes care of all of that. Also, when she needs to update the course modules, she can do that easily without the help of a developer.

The course students commented that the new membership site and course modules are much easier and faster to navigate. It is a very intuitive and interactive user experience that feels alive. One student even said…“The new site is AWESOME!! So user friendly and really beautifully put together. The old site was easy enough to scroll and find things but this is a huge step up!!!”

The Squarespace membership site that Nora created for me is a massive uplevel from my old members’ site. She took my ideas for a new and improved members’ site and did something far more spectacular than I could have imagined. On top of that, she was efficient and delivered an amazing product quickly.

The new page is user friendly, intuitive, and very easy to navigate. I include a lot of videos, audio teachings, and handouts in my course and I’ve heard from multiple clients about how easy it is to find the content they are looking for now. No more scrolling a mile long page to access teachings!

Beyond useability, the aesthetic of Nora’s design and the images she chose for my content modules bring the members’ page to life. All of my clients are thrilled with the new site. They feel even more inspired to dive into my teachings with a user friendly and beautiful virtual portal.


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