Get Squarespace Help that is personalized for your website

Have you been searching high & low for the answers to your Squarespace Questions?

Building a Squarespace website was supposed to be simple.

You started your site thinking this was going to be so easy, like they say in the commercials right?

You thought I’ll have this done lickety split and it is going to look amaaaaaazzzzing!


Well it isn't as easy as they lead you to believe

Squarespace displays endless options and windows to choose from, you have no idea what any of them are for. 

You find yourself Googling every little thing just to come up empty, and worry your website won’t ever be ready to launch.

Let's get you unstuck!

A personalized Squarespace support session can end the frustration you have been feeling and get your website looking awesome.

Laptop of showing photography website as an example of Squarespace Help & Support

Using your current Squarespace site and Zoom I will walk you through how to conquer the puzzle that is Squarespace. Together we will discuss your  exact Squarespace issue(s) while looking at your website via screen sharing on Zoom. During our 60 minute session, we will address as many of your concerns as possible. 

Customized Squarespace Help for only $125

After this session, I am confident that you will have the knowledge that you need the next time a similar problem arises.

If you need help with Squarespace, you are in the right place!

Meet Your Guide

If you need help with Squarespace, you've landed in the right place!

I’m Nora, Website Designer & Squarespace Expert
I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate their business & branding so they can effectively connect to the people they serve. I’ve been working in Squarespace for many years and absolutely LOVE helping people figure out Squarespace headaches. I want you to feel empowered to edit and update your own website.

Learn how to refine your template, add a blog, start a Squarespace store, troubleshoot forms, and take advantage of the amazing features of Squarespace. 

Meet your guide

“What has taken me days to try and figure out, you have solved in minutes! ”